Running Farther

Justin Shook

DSC01579Justin has always been drawn to adventure.  Not only in his personal life but in his professional life as well. Justin has served in the military as a elite USAF Pararescueman or “PJ” for the last 14 years.  He is an accomplished skydiver and scubadiver.  IMG_0957When he is not jumping out of airplanes from 14,000ft he enjoys adventure racing, endurance events, ice climbing and teaching.  Justin is a Paramedic and instructs our US military on combat trauma medicine.  He is also a USAF Pararescue Instructor and teaches Mountain Rescue.  Justin has over 10 years of guiding and outdoor teaching experience and enjoys teaching as a profession.  Justin has a passion for outdoor adventure. His accomplishments include the Southern Traverse Adventure Race in New Zealand in 2002.  He has competed in the Gorge Games around Mt Hood in Oregon.  He has many top 10 finishes in the AdventureExtreme Adventure RacingSeries around Colorado.  In 2008 he raced in Primal Quest Montana.   Justin has raced on the east coast and even completed the Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon in New Mexico in 2010 in the heavy weight division running a marathon with a 45lb backpack.  One of his favorite accomplishments was summiting Mt Rainer and leading a group up the infamous Liberty Ridge route. image2DSC00291