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Team Renegade

Team Renegade is excited to be registered for Primal Quest Lake Tahoe 2015!

Team Renegade is an amazing group of athletes and adventure enthusiasts that have come together from various locations throughout the west coast.  We have varied backgounds and paths that have led us here, but our common theme is a passion for adventure and the outdoors; following our dreams; and striving and overcoming to achieve our goals. Believing nothing is impossible!

We are accomplished mountain bikers, ultra marathon athletes, explorers, climbers and thrill seekers.  We are driven by the desire inside each of us to push our bodies and minds to reach our ultimate adventure goals and to live life to the fullest; to never stop chasing the pursuit of personal challenge and a love for the outdoors.

Team Renegade is privileged and humbled by the opportunity to complete and race in the 2015 Primal Quest Lake Tahoe.  It is the ultimate adventure goal and we look forward to not only testing our abilities against the best adventure racers in the world but to inspire others to chase and achieve dreams.  Nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough.  Every dream requires sacrifice including financial.  We appreciate any help and donations that allow us to live our dream and inspire others.  We are looking for a title sponsor as well as additional sponsors to complete our dream of a lifetime.  If you would like to help sponsor Team Renegade, to fulfill a dream and inspire others to believe nothing is impossible please donate here 

Team Renegade Members

Melody Hazi – Team Captain & Navigator

Justin Shook – Co-Captain and Team Medic

Joel Gat

Joel Gat – Team Bike Leader

Richard Kresser – Secondary Navigator and Medic

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  1. Alexa

    Good luck!!! Hope no one gets hurt. You have a cool name! And…win!

    Alexa Shook and Ben Galluzzo

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