Keep Moving, Good Things Will Happen

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Dick’s RASH Completed

Let’s start off with the numbers.  By my best accounts (GPSs are never 100% truthful): 247 Miles.  74,000 feet of elevation gain.  Six and a half days (156 hours).  Actual moving time was 108 hours.  That means I had 48 hours total within this project of time I was not moving for things like sleep, self […]

Spring Training: Issy Alps 100M

July and August of this year I have some incredible adventures planned.  For training, each month, I plan to have have a big stepping stone training goal along the way.  March:  Issy Alsp 100M.  Planned out a few years back by George Orozco, only five people have finished the route taking you through the high […]

You ain’t failing, you ain’t trying

Perhaps I don’t fail often enough. I have thankfully been pretty blessed so far with my finish rate.  Never had to DNF (yet) from a race, successful summits of both Aconcagua and Denali on the first time, and finishing a 400+ mile week running across Iowa.  I’m proud of the consistency, but maybe the fact […]

Skyline/North Fork Quinault River Loop

One of my Washington Bucket List Adventures is a traverse of the Olympics, south to north, up to the Low Divide and down the mighty Elwha River to the now drained dam.  I have always wondered though if I should take the “easy” route up the North Fork of the Quinault to the Low Divide […]