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The Power of Saying YES

I was once asked if I wanted to climb Mount Shasta a certain weekend.  Shasta is a 14 hour drive from Tacoma where I lived, and I couldn’t take Friday or Monday off.  Shasta would take two days, so it would mean driving for a total of 28 hours and climbing the mountain, then showing […]

Play Outs

I very much dislike working out.  Almost as much as I like working.  Which is why I quit my job.  And also why I quit working out. Instead I PLAY.  I adventure.  Run, scramble, swim, jump, climb, sprint, crawl, bike, paddle, and drink beer at the end (or during).  For the past three years, I […]

Two and a half months in

Two months plus change on the road. In some respects, it was about what I expected in my dreams leading up to the momentous change. In a lot of other respects, not at all. So far, I’ve adventured all around the West, mainly sticking to sunny Las Vegas, balmy Southern California, frigid Iowa, and recently snowy […]

Taking off!

Getting Out The Door

The hardest part of any adventure is the first step. I can’t tell you how many times I have planned a climb or hike, done meticulous research about what to expect on the trail, and bought and poured over maps in preparation.  But then when I get to the trailhead and throw my pack on, […]


A terribly grand time on the Wonderland Trail, Sept 14-15th 2013

The Wonderland Trail.  Since I moved to Washington, this has been the one goal that was most important to me.  I had climbed Rainier a few years before and encircling the mountain seemed absolutely impossible.  Yet, still, the thought lingered.  Initially I thought I might do it in four days, with a dedicated support crew. […]