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Skyline/North Fork Quinault River Loop

One of my Washington Bucket List Adventures is a traverse of the Olympics, south to north, up to the Low Divide and down the mighty Elwha River to the now drained dam.  I have always wondered though if I should take the “easy” route up the North Fork of the Quinault to the Low Divide […]

The Power of Saying YES

I was once asked if I wanted to climb Mount Shasta a certain weekend.  Shasta is a 14 hour drive from Tacoma where I lived, and I couldn’t take Friday or Monday off.  Shasta would take two days, so it would mean driving for a total of 28 hours and climbing the mountain, then showing […]

Play Outs

I very much dislike working out.  Almost as much as I like working.  Which is why I quit my job.  And also why I quit working out. Instead I PLAY.  I adventure.  Run, scramble, swim, jump, climb, sprint, crawl, bike, paddle, and drink beer at the end (or during).  For the past three years, I […]

Two and a half months in

Two months plus change on the road. In some respects, it was about what I expected in my dreams leading up to the momentous change. In a lot of other respects, not at all. So far, I’ve adventured all around the West, mainly sticking to sunny Las Vegas, balmy Southern California, frigid Iowa, and recently snowy […]

Getting Out The Door

The hardest part of any adventure is the first step. I can’t tell you how many times I have planned a climb or hike, done meticulous research about what to expect on the trail, and bought and poured over maps in preparation.  But then when I get to the trailhead and throw my pack on, […]

A terribly grand time on the Wonderland Trail, Sept 14-15th 2013

The Wonderland Trail.  Since I moved to Washington, this has been the one goal that was most important to me.  I had climbed Rainier a few years before and encircling the mountain seemed absolutely impossible.  Yet, still, the thought lingered.  Initially I thought I might do it in four days, with a dedicated support crew. […]

Chasing The Wonder, The Wonderland Trail

Mount Rainier, you sexy gal. Living and working in the Seattle/Tacoma area, it seems I am constantly turning around only to run into you sitting there staring back at me.  You surprise me, but don’t say anything, just tempting me to come say hello.  From the very first time you caught my eye in 2008 […]

We broke $20,000!

Unbelievable!  Almost two months since the start of RAGBRAI, we have broken the $20,000 threshold.  In fact, the actual amount sits at $20,139.  At the beginning of this adventure, I never would have imagined we could raise this amount of money to help support the Iowa Veterans Home.  It was an incredible journey and I […]

Rescue on Rainier

Life is a risk.  Everyday, we head out of our homes into the world where risk awaits.  Some of us choose to encounter these risks during daily activities, like our drive to work.  Others of us choose to meet these risks in the wilderness backcountry.  This past weekend, I chose the later and realized what those risks can entail. […]


As told to Carolyn Kresser: I apologize for the lateness of this final post!  As you can imagine, Saturday was a crazy day for me! BUT I FINISHED!! I got a ridiculously early start Saturday, with a midnight wake-up call.  In fact, the party in Fairfield was still going strong as I was leaving town. […]