Keep Moving, Good Things Will Happen

Richard KresserWith


As told to Carolyn Kresser:

I apologize for the lateness of this final post!  As you can imagine, Saturday was a crazy day for me!


I got a ridiculously early start Saturday, with a midnight wake-up call.  In fact, the party in Fairfield was still going strong as I was leaving town.

The night running was great, and once the sun came up – WOW!  We ran through some beautiful countryside on Saturday morning – going in and out of the Des Moines River valley.  I think it was my favorite section of the entire route.

Coming into Fort Madison was amazing.  It seemed everyone I ran by was shouting words of encouragement and congratulations.  It was overwhelming!  And the friends I stayed with the first night in Omaha, Nick and Kaeli, actually drove all the way across the state with their family just to be there at the finish for me!  The amount of support I received from everyone really has been amazing, so thank you all!

And being a “celebrity” was also a new and cool experience for me.  I took tons of photos along the way with supporters, and it was really fun to meet so many great people!

As you can imagine, after the run I was completely exhausted.  I took a long nap in the car while my parents drove me to Des Moines, where I ended the day by getting to meet my new niece, who was only a day old.

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who shouted words of encouragement to me along the route, and to those who were able to donate to the Running Farther fund to benefit the Iowa Veterans Home.  We’ve raised nearly $15,000 so far, and the fund is still open if you’re interested in helping.

Thank you all for helping make this one of the most memorable weeks of my life!