Keep Moving, Good Things Will Happen

Richard KresserWith


As told to Carolyn Kresser:

The best part I have to report about today is the RAIN!!!  I got an early start again, around 3am, and it was raining for about the first two hours of my run.  It was refreshing and made getting up that early so much nicer!

Today’s run went well all the way through.  Another highlight was getting to take a ride down a slip and slide into a nice cool pond.

I arrived in Fairfield, after 52 miles, around 4pm.  Since I was still feeling pretty good, I decided to knock off the first ten miles of Saturday’s route, so I continued on to Birmingham.  I figure most people like to finish the route pretty early, so I don’t want to be too far behind everyone, so a head start will be good for me.  Thanks to my friend Denise, for running those ten miles with me this evening!

I’m still feeling great, and am happy to say I haven’t had any serious injuries or issues (knock on wood!), but I have developed a giant rash on the right side of my body.  What started as chaffing has turned into a full-on heat rash from my shoulder to my waist.  That side of my body is the side always facing the sun, so I’m sure that has something to do with it as well.  But I don’t think it will hinder my last miles at all.

So, after doing nothing but running, sleeping and eating for six days, I only have 53 miles to go until I reach that beautiful Mississippi River!  I would like to finish around 3pm Saturday, so I’m planning to get up at midnight and be on the road running by 1am.  So look for me barreling into the river by mid-afternoon!

Thank you to everyone, for all your support.  I cannot express how much it has meant to me during this journey!