Keep Moving, Good Things Will Happen

Richard KresserWith


As told to Carolyn Kresser:

I’m over half-way there!  I “crossed” the half-way point sometime this morning, and it feels great to be closer to the Mississippi than the Missouri.

I had another great day of running.  The official course today was about 50 miles, but I ended up going about 57 since I spent the night in Clive, to the west of Des Moines.

Got another early start, around 4:30am.  At about 25 miles into today’s route, I met up with Peter Kostelnick, who some of you may have seen along the route as well.  Peter is also attempting to run the entire RAGBRAI route.  Originally from Boone, Peter now lives in Nebraska.  We ended up finishing the last 30 miles of the route together, and I really enjoyed getting to know another ultra-marathon runner.

Also want to say thanks to Knoxville local Bryan Schlotterback, who volunteered to run part of the way with me as well today.  Bryan is also an ultra-marathon runner, and I truly appreciate him and everyone else taking time out of their day to motivate me!

The highlight of my day was taking a nice cool swim in a lake.  It sure hit the spot!  It was a sneak peak of what it’ll feel like to jump into the Mississippi at the end of this journey.

I do have to say, after four straight days of running, my body is feeling it.  I probably ran a bit too hard this afternoon during the heat of the day, and it’s a good reminder to myself to keep a good, slow pace.  But I’m exhausted, and will probably be foregoing all the parties tonight, and will head straight to bed!

I’ll be back out on the route bright and early, and I’m expecting my muscles to be a bit upset with me, so please shout out a kind word as you ride by me.  Looking forward to seeing you all along the route Thursday!