Keep Moving, Good Things Will Happen

Richard KresserWith


As told to Carolyn Kresser:

Well, after Monday’s disappointing end, I’m happy to say I’m back on schedule to completing RAGBRAI along with the bike riders!

I woke up early again, and got driven back to Guthrie Center, where I had to stop on Monday evening due to the heat and humidity.  Thanks to Laura, who rode with me those first 20 miles or so to Perry.  I was feeling pretty down about being so far behind the riders, but she kept me motivated the whole way!

The weather today really helped out – it was much cooler than Monday.  I did have to slow down for a bit in the afternoon because I started feeling a bit overheated, but overall, I felt really good for the entire day.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any rain on the route today, but I’m still hoping! (and of course, I was in a car asleep during last night’s storm!)

I’d also like to thank Michelle, who joined me on part of today’s run from the Des Moines chapter of Team Red White and Blue.  As well as my friend Luke, who ran another 8 miles with me today and Retired Col. Suepenne, one of my old military professors, who ended up running 18 miles with me today.  It is really fantastic to have people to keep me company, especially today when I was so far behind the bikers and didn’t have that added support.

I do have to say I have been blown away by the support I’ve gotten along the ride.  Today along the early part of the route, I came across a water-logged sign along the road someone had left to cheer me on. In addition to the supportive words, they’d also taped energy gels and power bars to the sign, which I gladly grabbed.  It’s that kind of support, from anonymous people, that keep me motivated to finish this run.

I’m just arriving at my brother’s house in Clive around 9pm, where I’ll be spending the night with my family.  I’ll be up again around 5am to start Wednesday’s route.  Since I only ran to the west side of Des Moines, I’ll end up with a few extra miles tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to making it over that half-way mark!

See you all on the route tomorrow!