Keep Moving, Good Things Will Happen

Richard KresserWith


As told to Carolyn Kresser:

Well, I’m a bit disappointed with the way things ended today – but I’m not giving up!  I only made it to Grundy Center, which was about 70 miles into today’s route.

I woke up extra early at 2am to start the run, and things were going great until about 11am, once the heat started increasing, and the humidity ramped up.  Toward noon, it was about 98 degrees with near 100% humidity.  They kept saying it was supposed to rain, but that welcome break never did come.

I did complete the Karras loop, which was early on in today’s course, which added an extra 24.4 miles to the regular 83 miles for today.  But once I reached Hamlin (about 50 miles in), I was due for some rest time.  I was able to get in a short 20 minute power nap, but was soon back on the road.

The route from Hamlin to the next town, Guthrie Center, was about 21 miles, and it was a tough going.  Luckily, I had a friend from Iowa State there with me to run with me and provide morale support, so thank you to Laura Bigler for being there for me.  I didn’t make it to Gruthrie Center until later in the day, and by that point I had run 70 miles in probably some of the toughest weather I’d ever run in.  For my own personal health, I had to call it quits for the day.

That leaves another 36 miles left of Monday’s run that I haven’t done, and I’m planning a way to make up that distance over the course of the next couple days – because I am still planning on finishing the entire course.

I’m off to bed, but will be up early again Tuesday to finish what I started!