Keep Moving, Good Things Will Happen

Richard KresserWith

RAGBRAI: The night prior the start

The big day is finally here! Months and even years of training have led to this coming week. It was dreamed up in the mountains of Afghanistan by a bored office worker, but was created by countless friends and family who have heard about the cause, and donated their time, effort, and excellent abilities to build the run into what it has become today. I cannot thank enough all the hard work and effort those have contributed.

The past year has been quite the journey. I thankfully have not had many hiccups in my training. This gives me confidence in this next week. I know there are going to by rough times, I know there are going to be good times. But there will be no giving up.

Keeping the Veterans Home in mind will be the best motivator there is. Knowing what the Veterans have done and what they have gone through will make my journey seem much easier. And finally, my mantra, as told to me my freshman year of ROTC by MSG Edwards, “Misery Builds Character.”IMG_20130719_205645_833_reduced