Keep Moving, Good Things Will Happen

Richard KresserWith

RAGBRAI Training: Rock Climbing

After last weeks’ big push in weekday mileage and endurance climbing on the weekend, I cut back a bit to give the legs some rest. I dedicated a few more days to weight training and completed some all body circuit fatigue and another day of core specific exercises. I ended up running two ten mile days and had one day of complete rest.

The weekend was planned to include a climb of Mount Rainier via the Kautz Glacier with a college friend Brian Eagen, but the infamous Washington weather did not play in our favor. Visibility was supposed to be low up high on the mountain, so we decided to opt for a weekend rock climbing trip to the wonderful “Bavarian” village of Leavenworth instead. I took the time to rest the running muscles and cross train some new muscles groups over the trip.

Leavenworth climbing turned out to be everything it was hyped to be; quite a successful and beautiful adventure. Brian, a certified rock climbing instructor, helped me improve my multi pitch and traditional lead climbing skills. We completed four multi pitch routes for a total of 19 climbs overall. The big highlight for me was completing my first full traditional lead climb to finish the weekend out. Relaxing with some beers and burgers on a sunny Germany themed patio topped out the grand trip.

Unexpectedly, the “relaxing” climbing trip had a hard toll on the body! It turned out I had more atrophy in my climbing muscles than I thought over the off season, and a few sharp pains presented themselves in some joints. A few days of rest are in order to come back full and strong for next weekend, in which I have some big runs planned!