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  • Most Efficient Means of Motion Over Varied Terrain

    1 Sep 2014

    Mountaineering was my first love.  The action of traveling over such technical terrain as a heavily crevassed glacier in the middle of the night filled me with the confidence to achieve anything.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, I started trail running as a means of staying fit for mountain adventures.  I found the long enduring […]

  • Body = Car

    20 Aug 2014

    I love analogies.  They’re kinda my thing.  This realization came to me the past few weeks as I am tapering for my hardest 100 miler yet, Cascade Crest Endurance Run, in three short days.  I have all this time and energy suddenly I am not using for running, and sitting around led to analogies. So […]

  • Mount Adams: Around the Mountain Loop

    30 Jul 2014

    “Misery Builds Character” -A lot of people I gained a lot of character running around Mount Adams. The plan originally was to complete the loop in the morning, under 12 hours, then immediately transfer into a light and fast summit bid, also under 12 hours. It did not go as planned. This blog will be […]