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  • The Power of Saying YES

    21 May 2015

    I was once asked if I wanted to climb Mount Shasta a certain weekend.  Shasta is a 14 hour drive from Tacoma where I lived, and I couldn’t take Friday or Monday off.  Shasta would take two days, so it would mean driving for a total of 28 hours and climbing the mountain, then showing […]

  • Always jump!

    17 May 2015

    I live by the motto always jump!  Well the 4 of us including Richard Kresser, who kindly let us use his website, jumped!  Team Renegade is officially formed and registered for Primal Quest Lake Tahoe 2015.  The 4 of us of Team Renegade have all already had what many would consider experiences of a lifetime. […]

  • Most Efficient Means of Motion Over Varied Terrain

    1 Sep 2014

    Mountaineering was my first love.  The action of traveling over such technical terrain as a heavily crevassed glacier in the middle of the night filled me with the confidence to achieve anything.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, I started trail running as a means of staying fit for mountain adventures.  I found the long enduring […]